We Create Inspiring Experiences

That’s our motto; let’s break it down.

We: Plum Island Interactive works as a team, united by a singular vision. The placing of this word is intentional too; we put our people first.

Create: We are dreamers that are always seeking to push the creative edge of what can be done.

Inspiring: We want people to come away from the experiences we create full of inspiration to do great things. We’re after that feeling of “hey, I feel like I can do anything now!”, and helping people to ask difficult and innovative questions.

Experiences: We don’t just make games. Rather, our games cultivate experiences, whether through an individual interacting with software, or people interacting with each other. We want to create moments that matter.

We’re Plum Island Interactive, and we create inspiring experiences.

At Plum Island Interactive, it’s about telling stories. Some stories are best told orally, others via music, film, and printed art. Still others are told via the medium of the game, and that’s why Plum Island Interactive exists. We want to tell stories that can’t be told better via other media.


We believe:

  • Games are a form of art

  • Games have the potential to inspire others

  • The process of developing games can be both economically viable and respectful of work/life balance

Plum Island Interactive takes its name from beautiful Plum Island, MA, a place that has been creating experiences that inspire for decades.