Plum Island Interactive is working on both digital and traditional (card and board) game projects. Check out some of our upcoming projects below!


Transferral (Working title)

What makes you, you? Transferral tells the story of a man who must download himself from robot to robot to survive while unraveling a city-wide conspiracy.

Screenshot (14).png

Dick Move

The city is under a heat wave, and tensions are high. Take on the role of Dick Move, a terrorist who tries to cause as much panic as possible using completely legal means! Can you annoy the city enough to cause a total riot?


Crystal Champions

In Crystal Champions you play the role of a warrior enslaved by a mysterious crystal, and are tasked with destroying opposing crystals on a randomly-generated island. Explore and gather resources to build a base, explore, craft items, tame animals, and recruit warriors in your quest to be the true Crystal Champion!