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If you lost your hand, are you still you? What if you lost more? What if you lost your entire body? Transferral is a 2D side-scrolling, stealth-optional platformer that explores the nature of consciousness. In the near future, Darren Knight discovers morally questionable technology at his company and is shortly after mortally wounded in an attack. His only option is to embrace that technology and download himself into a robot. Knight will then transfer himself into robots with different abilities as he pursues the plot based on the wishes of the player. Through their interaction with the game world, the player will decide if Knight is trying to unravel a city-wide conspiracy, solve a kidnapping, or is just out for revenge. Using stealth, violence, or a combination of the two, Knight will navigate a world set in the near future where powerful corporations wield undue influence, and helper robots have become the norm.

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Transferral is being developed in Game Maker Studio for PC.